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Chris Brady

1Stop Spas
Lincolnshire, UK

Hi, I'm Chris Brady from 1Stop Spas and I wanted to share with you how O-Care has helped with the longevity of the parts in the hot tub. During the pandemic O-Care has proven to be even more important. The subscription service it kept bringing in the money every month even when we had to lock down our stores! It has kept us stay economically healthy and helped our customers in the proces...

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Julian Sanchez

Bull Grills and Spas
San Diego, US

Hello, I'm Julian Sanchez with Bull Grills and Spas in San Diego.
I've been in the spa business here for over 20 years and have tried various water treatment options with our customers.

Since meeting the team at O-Care we have our 500 customers now using O-Care to successfully care for their water. Not only do I sell O-Care but my entire family benefits from using it in our personal spa at home...

Benefit from an array of customised tools to increase sales 

Richard Hart

Aqua Warehouse
Essex, US

Hi everybody, Richard Hart here from Aqua Warehouse in Essex. I've been selling O-Care for a number of years now and can assure you that customers love it and once they've tried it, they jump on board the subscription program to get pre-set deliveries to make sure they never run out. I constantly hear how the soft their skin feels since adding O-Care to their weekly spa regime.

Free water maintenance app

The O-Care App helps you to solve water problems step by step. You can download this Free App from the App Store or Google Play and it works on both smartphones and tablets.
Users can fix their water problem easily in a step by step format.

Dealer benefit

We customise this app for our dealers by:
 - Replacing the O-Care logo with the dealer logo
- Linking the buttons buy to the dealer web-shop.

It’s a great tool to give to your customer because it helps maintain perfect water and a customer can buy from you r store direct with this app.
This  will  help maintain the customer relationship and decrease the loss of sales through the internet from other suppliers.

Roel Fassbender

's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Hi, I'm Roel Fassbender from O-Care and like you I've been a long time hot tub retailer. Back in 2007 we looked for a way to help our customers better by developing a water maintenance product that worked in all circumstances and made sense to us as retailers and to the customer.
O-Care has been co-developed by hot tub retailers and therefor has become much more then just a water maintenance product.

In store marketing materials

We offer free in store marketing materials such as a small product display and functional product brochures.

Customised water assistent

Automatic chatbot that helps fix a customers water problem in a step by step format included with animated tutorials and text.

Dealer Benefit

This customised chatbot can be integrated into your own website and can help to professionalise your water maintenance advise for your cutomers

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Animated water maintenance tutorials

The eight most common water problems explained in short animations to help you get the best water possible.

Dealer benefit

This tool will help your customers and can increase website traffic from your own customers and new visitors.

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