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Product Questions

  • Question: How do I start off with O-Care? Show answer
    Answer: We advise to use a pipe cleaner and renew the water before you start, this way we have a fair base to start from. This is also mentioned in the manual inside of the box.
  • Question: How much do I need to add? Show answer
    Answer: A box of O-Care will last 2-5 months depending on the volume of your hot tub. Check how much water is in your hot tub and than find the corresponding amount you need on the dosing chart which is on the bottle and in the manual.You always need to add the same amount of O-Care number 1 as O-Care number 2.Example: If the hot tub volume is 396 Gallons you need to add 5,1 Oz of O-Care no 1 and also 5,1 Oz of O-Care number 2
  • Question: I just added O-Care and the water is cloudy, can I get into the water? Show answer
    Answer: Yes you can, O-Care is made up off minerals and it will not be harmful to you even if you just added it and the water is still a bit cloudy.
  • Question: I’ve added O-Care number 1&2 in the wrong order, what should I do? Show answer
    Answer: That’s not a problem just make sure you’ve put the pumps on for better mixing. The reason for adding no 1 first and then no 2 only makes O-Care more soluble. If you added no 2 first it might take the water a little longer to clear.
  • Question: If I use O-Care can I discard all other product and just use O-Care to maintain the water in my hot tub? Show answer
    Answer: O-Care will make water maintenance a lot easier but one product that does it all unfortunately does not exist. Water maintenance is a form of chemistry and balancing and sanitizing water are two different things which depend on many factors.
  • Question: Do I still need to use Chlorine? Show answer
    Answer: Most sanitizers will work in combination with O-Care, if you’re used to using Chlorine and you like it than don’t change.
  • Question: Do I still need to use Bromine? Show answer
    Answer: Most sanitizers will work in combination with O-Care, if you’re used to using Bromine and you like it than don’t change.
  • Question: What is the difference between Chlorine and Bromine? Show answer
    Answer: Chlorine will work faster than Bromine and is more commonly used because of this. Bromine will work on a wider pH range which is why some prefer it.
  • Question: What do I need to do when I use O-Care? Show answer
    Answer: With normal use of the hot tub you will only need to do 3 steps: 
    - Add O-Care once a week
    - Check the pH level and adjust if needed
    - Check sanitizer level (chlorine or bromine or other) and adjust if needed
  • Question: What are the ingredients? Show answer
    Answer: A blend of high quality minerals that have the ability to loosen sediments from all surfaces within the hot tub. Sediments are a main cause to high sanitizer demand, cloudy water, scaling, corrosion of equipment, scum lines, eye and skin irritation.

Sanitizer questions

  1. Question: Do I still need to sanitize the water? Show answer
    Answer: Yes you do, if you are already have a preferred sanitizer such as chlorine than keep using this.
  2. Question: Do I use less sanitizer when I use O-Care ? Show answer
    Answer: You will probably notice that over time you’ll use less chemicals because the hot tub will be a lot cleaner. You need less to get to the same values you are used to. You will need to keep your pH level and Sanitizer (Chlorine or Bromine) at the same levels as before.
  3. Question: What is sanitizing the water? Show answer
    Answer: It’s when you add a sanitizer like chlorine or bromine to the water. A sanitizer is a bacterial killer.
  4. Question: What is balancing the water? Show answer
    Answer: Water balance tells you something about the make up of the water. The most significant factors for balancing spa water are:
    - pH (adicity of the water)
    - Total alkalinity
    - Calcium hardness
  5. Question: Do I need to check all of the balance levels? Show answer
    Answer: Start with just the pH level, this will in most cases be enough when you start with new water.
  6. Question: What is a 'pH level'? Show answer
    Answer: The pH level is the scale that tells you how acidic or basic the water is.
  7. Question: What should the pH level be? Show answer
    Answer: In your hot tub it should be between 7,2-7,8.
  8. Question: What kind of Sanitizer should I use? Show answer
    Answer: If you are happy with your current sanitizer then we advise to keep using it.
  9. Question: Why should I use chlorine? Show answer
    Answer: Chlorine will work fast and not give bacteria much time to settle en multiply.
  10. Question: Which type of chlorine should I use? Show answer
    Answer: For a hot tub it would be best to use Calcium Hypochlorite because it will work fast and does not have a stabilizer in it.
  11. Question: What is a stabilizer in chlorine? Show answer
    Answer: Most types of chlorine have cyanuric acid as a
    stabilizer, this substance slows down the reaction time of chlorine and is
    usually added for pools to withstand UV light which will make chlorine be used

    This substance is not appropriate for hot tubs
    but mostly for pools because there in the sun and hot tub are most of the time
    closed and used in the evening.

    The disadvantages out weigh the advantages for
    hot tubs.

    The only time it can be interesting and useful
    for a hot tub is when your hot tub has a constant UV system in which case you
    are able to measure chlorine with stabilized chlorine (with cyanic acid)
    because it will slow down the dissipation process of chlorine.

O-Care App questions

  1. Question: I need help with a my water maintenance, what do I do? Show answer
    Answer: Download the O-Care app, it will help you to solve problems step by step.
  2. Question: Where do I download the O-Care App? Show answer
    Answer: You can download it from Google Play or the App Store for your smartphone or tablet or click here to choose your option with a direct link.
  3. Question: What do I search for in Google Play or in the App Store? Show answer
    Answer: It’s called the O-Care Aqua Tool. Search for that or press 'ocare' first, it will probably show up straight away.
  4. Question: Can I download the app to my desktop? Show answer
    Answer: No, we only created it for your smartphone and tablet. However, maybe our Water Bot can assist you?