Calcium / Scaling in the water or on the hot tub (US)

A one minute tutorial to watch and learn quickly

Calcium and/or scaling is a very commonly occuring problem.

Calcium has detached from the water molecules.
In most cases this is caused by a high pH value so make sure to check this now and in the future (calcium is visible in the water or has attached to the surface of the spa).

If your hot tub rough like sandpaper then this is probably a calcium issue.

  • No let’s fix this..., first try to rub the calcium from the surface of the hot tub..., if that works then the filter will pick up the calcium and the hot tub will be clean easily.
  • If that doesn’t work you will need to dramatically decrease the pH level to below 5.
  • This process takes time though… probably more than 5 hours… and if it did not work the first time repeat the process. Make sure to run the pumps regularly and clean the filters afterwards.
  • And while this will fix your calcium problem, never use the hot tub at low pH levels.