1. Turn on the pumps and make sure all the jets and waterfalls are open.
  2. Add the correct amount of O-Care bottle 1 & bottle 2 to the hot tub water (check the label on the bottle). 
  3. Use your measuring equipment or test strips to check if the readings are within the bandwidth of the chart below. 
  4. Adjust the measurements such as the pH and sanitizer level (Chlorine or Bromine) and TA value on the chart below to the required levels and measure again to be sure.

If you need to shock the water (quick sanitizer boost) then use non-chlorine shock a.k.a. MPS (Monopersulfate). This will oxidize organics and because of that assist the chlorine to do a better job. You can best add some after using the hot tub or if you haven’t used the hot tub just add some once a week. You can add about 30-60 gram or 1-2 ounces on these occasions. If you still run into issues click here for some additional help and learn about the different sanitizers and what chemical will help.

O-Care Table
Weekly Water Maintenance of O-Care